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New Home for Silver View

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

August 23, 2022 Update

Late Monday afternoon, August 22 around 6 PM, SILVER VIEW was gently shoved into its new siding near the restored Oregon, IL depot to become part of that Depot Museum. Credit to the BNSF crew who skillfully handled the switching. It has been a long stretch of time since it left Charles City, IA on July 19.

Now the next phases of restoration begins.

First order of business is a good scrubbing to get off many months of dirt. New windows will seal up the car so an acid bath solution can be applied to give SILVER VIEW that Budd Factory shine.

New lettering for the name-boards are ready to be placed. Of course the trucks will get a coat of silver paint to add to that 'Burlington Zephyr look'.

Photo Credit: Michal Burnett

Exciting days are ahead for SILVER VIEW and all of those associated with the Oregon Depot Museum. What a wonderful mark in time for everyone.

Once restored, SILVER VIEW will be a venue for periodic special Burlington brunches, lunches, dinners. Celebrations such as anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, and small group meetings will become extra special aboard SILVER VIEW.

We would also like to continue to thank the Oregon Depot Museum and Oregon community for their support, as we partner with them during the restoration.

Visit the NEW OREGON DEPOT MUSEUM WEBSITE HERE, and please "Like" their Facebook Page as well, since they will post more information there as it becomes available.

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