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Finishing The Remaining Light Assemblies

The remaining main light assemblies were finished today, with Mike getting help from Timm and Ben again, and Lori joining in. The remaining paint was sanded off, and a new shine was put on not only the main light assemblies, but also the 4 hallway lights which are larger and have a unique shape. Additional work will be done by the electrician to add the wiring and final assembly before the glass can be added and installing into Silver View completed.

The fixtures are looking good as the brushed look is applied to each before being clear coated.

The sanding process is time consuming, but results in a very pleasing smooth finish.

One of the 4 Hallway fixtures before the sanding begins to remove what appears to be 2 or 3 coats of brushed on paint. The outer coat was a hideous pinkish sort of color we think, over what appeared to be a faded tan color or some sort.

Looking very nice, ready for the clear coat.

The two rows of lights seen above these passengers are the original lights seen in Silver View.

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