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Acrylic Replicas of Original Hand Rails to the Dome are Now Complete

It took 4 years to complete these final replicas of the original hand rails and bases for the dome steps of Silver View (pictured below). 

They are currently waiting off site at the custom fabrication workshop, along with the replica of the newly fabricated "Harp Speaker Grill" (also pictured below) that will be installed when the timing is right for these items.  

Below is a picture of the railings from Silver Splendor, which represents completed rails to a similar Vista Dome car stairway so that you can visualize what they will look like when Silver View is completed.

Stairway to the Vista Dome of Silver Splendor

 The new Harp Speaker grill is pictured below

 A test of how the railings will look with lighting is shown below. 

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