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It is true that 'littler things mean a lot'. For example light lenses were specially designed to give just the right amount of light on the dome aisle when overhead lights were turned off so passengers could see into the darkness. When Amtrak or other owners redid dome interiors, several of the lenses were removed for unknown reasons. This happened to Silver View. Fortunately a passenger car parts resale company advertised a set of lenses. Zephyr Route successfully purchased them. They will be restored to their original silver metal finish. Then they will be mounted in the appropriate place in the pedestals that support the pairs of dome seats. The vintage 1948 Burlington Route publicity photo of the dome interior shows these lenses in their intended places. Little by little, Silver View will look very much like the magnificent car that was built by the Budd Company and began revenue service on November 29, 1947. Stay tuned for an update when the lenses are restored and mounted.

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