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Dome lights and paint stripping

Super volunteer Dave has focused his skills on adjusting the installation  of the center dome ceiling light fixtures. Apparently alignment is critical in order to drop down the hinged front of the fixture to replace light bulbs. Patience and time are definitely needed to 'get it just right'.


Burlington Route decided the underside of each railcar would be painted silver to enhance the appearance of the railcar and train. When Amtrak acquired SILVER VIEW  and other  railcars, they  decided that black was their choice, so several layers of black paint were applied  during Amtrak service. Other owners after Amtrak did the same. In order to achieve the "Burlington appearance" and a 'like new surface', a professional service was employed to paint strip the underside. Ice pellets are hard frozen water drops that hit and chip away the dried, unwanted paint, yet do not damage the item that has been painted. This process was less time consuming and labor intensive than human hands and muscles.

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