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More Little Things Mean a Lot

Restoration work is in progress on the Dome Lens Holders to bring back their original color and shine.

The rows of lights down the center ceiling of the vista dome require lens holders to cover and deflect light from the new LED bulbs. Most of the acquired rectangular lens holders were in decent condition. However, they all needed serious sanding and polishing. Two of the holders needed additional care. One required some soldering of a piece that became unattached. A second holder was quite bent out of shape and needed straightening.

Unfortunately, the beautiful original lights lenses were thrown away when Amtrak 'remodeled' Silver View. We have requested some railcar parts merchants to be on the watch for original dome lights lenses. Meanwhile, some acceptable flat 'milk-glass' lenses will substitute until original lenses are procured. If any reader knows where to find and purchase these original lenses, please contact Mike at Zephyr Route. 630.542.3607 or email:

Dome Lens Holders

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