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Courteous service is an all-important ingredient of travel. Zephyr Route has a staff who knows how to pamper passengers with charm and skill from beginning to end of each journey.  Each tour may have one or more class of service. The following are types of service offered by Zephyr Route:


First Class aboard Zephyr Route is designed to give today's travelers the standard of service expected by first class travelers of bygone days, plus much more.

For daytime journeys, seating will be in comfortable, deep cushioned lounge chairs. Appetizers, snacks, and beverages will be served at passengers' seats. Meals will be presented in the traditional dining cars ways: crisp white linens, sparkling silverware, chinaware, glassware, and flowers.


DeLuxe Coach Class aboard Zephyr Route is a step above standard coach travel.
Traditional pairs of coach seats have deep cushions and legrests for travel comfort. Attendants serve tray meals at passengers' seats. Or if a dining room car is operated, passengers take a short walk to enjoy traditional dining car service. Appetizers, snacks, and beverages will be offered throughout the journey


Standard Coach Class is designed for those who want an excellent journey at the lowest fares. Comfortable traditional pairs of coach seats with legrests are provided. Sandwiches, snacks, and beverages are offered at a buffet counter and taken back to passengers' seats appointed with folding trays.

Meals en route will be a memorable highlight for First Class and Deluxe Coach Class by experiencing traditional dining car service in the style of the former Burlington Route. Some recipes have been borrowed to create entrees and side dishes once found on Burlington Route menus. Sample Zephyr Route menus for each major meal time may be viewed by selecting 'menus' in the upper left area. Standard Coach Class will choose tasty sandwiches, snacks, and beverages from the buffet counter.


When our vista dome cars are refurbished and enter service, Zephyr Route will be able to provide travelers with the unique train ride experience that has enthralled the public since the late 1940s. Vista domes put the see in scenery. Deep-cushioned seats are enclosed in non-glare, heat resistant safety glass. Air-conditioning adds to the enjoyment of viewing the passing countryside. Keep checking this website for updates regarding operation of vista dome service.

Vista Dome interior , circa 1947. Publicity photo from

The Burlington Route archives.

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