September 27, 2022 Update

Join us on Saturday, October 8th from 4:00-8:00pm at the Oregon, IL Depot Museum
as we welcome Twin Zephyr railcar Silver View to its new home in Oregon!


Full details are available on the Oregon Depot Museum website here.

Ticket purchasing is available online using the link above!  Proceeds go to help with restoration efforts.  And of course, a huge thank you goes out to all who are volunteering and giving donations.  Your help is sincerely appreciated!





Photo Credit:  Sally Stone-Griffin

Exciting days are ahead for SILVER VIEW and all of those associated with the Oregon Depot Museum. What a wonderful mark in time for everyone.

Once restored, SILVER VIEW will be a venue for periodic special Burlington brunches, lunches, dinners. Celebrations such as anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, and small group meetings will become extra special aboard SILVER VIEW.

We would also like to continue to thank the Oregon Depot Museum and Oregon community for their support, as we partner with them during the restoration. 


Visit the NEW OREGON DEPOT MUSEUM WEBSITE HERE, and please "Like" their Facebook Page as well, since they will post more information there as it becomes available.

Please subscribe to our email newsletters, as we will continue to provide announcements by email as they develop.  We currently have no planned tours at this time and will focus our efforts on fundraising and restoration of Silver View.

We look forward to serving you in 2023 and beyond!


Mike Abernethy

President and Tour Operator

Last updated: August 30, 2022

Photo Credit:  Roger Cain

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Prarie View Dome Car Profile
Prarie View Dome Car Profile

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2017 Galesburg
2017 Galesburg

Mike providing information during the 2017 tour to Galesburg Railroad Days

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Sunset over the Mississippi River
Sunset over the Mississippi River

The views from the train are spectacular

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Prarie View Dome Car Profile
Prarie View Dome Car Profile

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Silver View is the signature car of the Twin Cities Zephyr gliding along the Mississippi River, circa 1948. (Burlington Route Archives Photo)

Silver View photo (c) 1969, 2001 by Jerry Appleman

A major mission of Zephyr Route is to restore SILVER VIEW to operate in charter rail service. All net profits from bookings of Zephyr Route Journeys and sales of fundraiser items will be channeled to the SILVER VIEW RESTORATION PROJECT.

CLICK HERE to read the

Silver View Restoration Blog


SILVER VIEW was built by the Budd Company in 1947 for The Burlington Route Vista Dome Twin Cities Zephyrs. It provided  first class parlor car service, and was the signature car to one of the most handsome trains ever built. 


When restored, SILVER VIEW will become ZEPHYR ROUTE premier railcar service for current and future generations who seek high quality rail travel.