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June 26, 2023 Update

Work is continuing on the restoration of Silver View at its current home next to the Oregon IL Depot Museum.  

Several large efforts are underway including ordering and replacing more of the windows, dome restoration, major electrical wiring restoration, and plans for adding air conditioning so that work can continue during Summer of 2023.

Below are a few pictures from Roger Cain highlighting some of the current ongoing restoration efforts.

Pictures of current project work:

  • The painted trucks

  • Cleaning and painting the dome seat frames

  • Removal of the radiator covers and baseboard heat

  • Removal and identifying old wiring for replacement

Next up will be:

  • Dome repainting

  • New baseboard heaters

The goal is to completely finish the dome including the handrails highlighted in this prior blog post.

On October 27th, 2022 the ownership of the famed Silver View was officially transferred to the Oregon Depot Museum, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. This is a culmination of two years of negotiations and planning by the Mike Abernethy (car’s owner), the Depot Museum Board and the City of Oregon.


The Depot Museum President, Roger Cain and the Depot Board are currently working on the restoration plans that will bring the Silver View to as close as possible to it’s original glory. The entire Oregon community can’t thank Mike enough for entrusting them with fulfilling his dream of restoring Silver View.

Seen here after signing the transfer are (L to R) Darin Dehaan City Administrator, Roger Cain Depot Board President, Mike Abernethy Silver View’s Owner, Chris Martin Depot Board Member.

Depot Ownership Transfer.jpg

Please visit the NEW OREGON DEPOT MUSEUM WEBSITE HERE, and please "Like" their Facebook Page as well.

Feel free to subscribe to our email newsletters, as we will continue to provide announcements by email as they develop. 

We currently are working on a number of ideas for fundraising tours at this time to benefit the restoration of SILVER VIEW.

We look forward to serving you soon!


Mike Abernethy

President and Tour Operator

Zephyr Route is now planning and operating fundraising tours for the sole purpose of restoring SILVER VIEW. All net profits from bookings of Zephyr Route Journeys and sales of fundraiser items will be donated to the to the Oregon Depot Museum to provide additional funds for this restoration.

Prior Tour Highlights

  • MEALS  are highlights while en route.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Menus  have been created from the former Burlington Route Dining Car Department. 
  • The FUNDRAISING TOURS page contains destinations of future tours, prior tours, and additional information to view and download.
  • PICTURE GALLERIES from prior years showcase passenger's pictures from prior journeys.

Silver View photo (c) 1969, 2001 by Jerry Appleman

Silver View is the signature car of the Twin Cities Zephyr gliding along the Mississippi River, circa 1948. (Burlington Route Archives Photo)

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